d 400Kg Sports Car • Build • July 2012 400Kg Sports Car • Build • July 2012

July 2012

30th June

Steering wheel buttons I've added these two buttons to the steering wheel on my Fisher Fury R1. The right (yellow) one operates the horn. The left (orange) one operates my radio comms system (for use on track days and when travelling in convoy). Ideally, I'd have liked them closer to my thumbs but, I'm testing this layout for this new car.

25th June

Clevis to rose joint Trying out a stronger and lighter linkage from the paddle shift to the cable end in my Fisher Fury R1. The parts shown here weigh 35g.

24th June

Indicator stalk This is the indicator stalk I've fabricated for my new car. I've used carbon fibre tube (from a kite) and Araldite to lengthen a SPDT mini toggle switch. I can use a SPDT switch (on, centre off, on) because of the clever electronics used for my indicators and hazards. It weighs just 8g and will mount on the paddle shift.

I can't test this out on my Fisher Fury R1 because it uses a high current design to control and power the indicators but, I've built something similar using a high current switch, to test out the ergonomics.

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