July 2012


McLaren MP4-12C chassis My September copy of EVO Magazine dropped through my letter box today. It has a feature on the McLaren MP4-12C and this photograph. This photo is so close to what I want to build. If you scaled it down, widened the tub, shortened the rear end to accomodate a small bike engine, raised the sides of the tub, removed the dash, ... :-)

The above photo has helped me with my dilema as to where the fuel tank should go. This is the ideal location in a car like this, low down and out of the way. As my tank will be quite small, this location will work really well. The attention to detail on the MP4-12C is atonishing. Even down to having a pressed moulding in the side of the petrol tank panels, to add rigidity. If I can manage 80% of this depth of thinking and quality of design, I'll be happy.

McLaren MP4-12C chassis Another gratuitous photo of the MP4-12C chassis. Just because it is so beautiful to look at.


With this project build, I'm trying out a different structure, to make it easier to follow build progress in a particular area. As well as a chronological view, there is now a view by category, you can view all entries about the chassis (as an example) all on one page.

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