May 2013


My preferred solution is to use the billet allow paddle shift mechanism developed by Andy Bates. I've now had this installed in my Fisher Fury R1 and it is just brilliant. It is rock solid and fully adjustable.


Dropped my Fury R1 off with Andy Bates today, to have the clutch replaced on my Fisher Fury R1. His new Sabre race car is so very close in layout to what I'm planning, so close in fact that I'm thinking this steel space frame design is the way to go.

The Sabre is currently optimised for racing and the bodywork is obvious designed with this in mind. It looks very feasible to replace the bodywork with something closer to what I have in mind though. The only changes are that the roll bar would need rear support stays insead of forward ones and the bodywork would need fixing points for a windscreen.

The Sabre looks very easy to convert to a single, central driving seat too as the steering rack is already symetrical.

I've also asked Andy to fit his latest paddle shift mechanism to the Fury. This should provide a much more positive feel and addresses all of the design issues I had.


Grounded the sump on the Fisher Fury R1 today and punched a hole in it. More information here.

Decided to learn from this. The sump is the lowest point of this car and it is just a bit too low for a road car really. In this new car, I'd like to rectify this and to use a shallow sump if possible. Obviously, this depends on the engine used.

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