Build Progress By Category - Bodywork

June 2013


This is the new Sergio Pininfarina a tribute concept car based on the Ferrari 458 Spider. In terms of being a modern, curvy design and a bold visual statement, this is very close to what I have in mind.

I don't like all of the styling but, imagine this car shrunk in size so that those wheels are now 13" rims and the rest of the numbers are shrunk to match. It would be a truly stunning 400kg, doorless, bike-engined car featuring a 189bhp Honda Fireblade engine that revs to nearly 14,000rpm. I also want a much more minimalist and basic interior with unpadded, carbon fibre seats.

The rear really is amazingly close to what I have in mind but, with twin round lights at the back and the exhaust will exit out of sight.

I do like the one-piece rear bodywork, split from the front section. The black underside of side bodywork is also a good move, as it gets chipped to hell on UK roads. The side pods on my Fury are peppered.

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