Build Progress By Category - Brakes

April 2014


Kimini This book arrived today:
Kimini - How to design a mid-engined sports car from scratch by Kurt W. Bilinski

Handbrake I discovered this floor mounted handbrake lever for sale on eBay and it looked very light, being made primarily from Nylon. It was in excellent condition and is from a Mk I from Ford Focus (1998-2004). I won the item for 99p, so well worth a gamble. Now that it has been delivered I can see that it is very well made, with an in-built switch [814g]. There is also some scope to make it even lighter by removing some of the metal. I would struggle to improve upon this design and anything I might fabricate would have the same basic structure and dimensions.

Handbrake mechanism This photo better reveals the handbrake mechanism, which has a metal ratchet. It feels very sturdy and has a nice solid feel to it. It is a vast improvement on the Ford Escort one used in my Fisher Fury R1.

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