Build Progress By Category - Engine

May 2013


Grounded the sump on the Fisher Fury R1 today and punched a hole in it. More information here.

Decided to learn from this. The sump is the lowest point of this car and it is just a bit too low for a road car really. In this new car, I'd like to rectify this and to use a shallow sump if possible. Obviously, this depends on the engine used.

December 2012


Few updates to this site in last few months as I've been very busy on other projects, that I need to complete first, such as my next house!

Loving what Andy Bates is doing with his next generation Sabre car and learning a lot just following him on Facebook. Andy has developed a load of parts I'd like to include in this new car, including a 177bhp and 86ft/lb torque Honda Fireblade engine with a 13,900rpm rev limit!

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