Exhaust System

Custom 4-2-1 exhaust manifold Being a front-engined car, the Fisher Fury R1 requires a complex 4-2-1 tuned stainless-steel manifold that leads out of the engine bay and over the chassis, then along the side of the car, through the left-hand-side sidepod. The space is severely constrained and care has to be taken to avoid burning the surrounding fibreglass bodywork. Their is also a lot of heat soak into the passenger side of the car. I had a bespoke 4-2-1 manifold fabricated, which liberates the maximum power from a bike engine. The packaging in a mid-engined car would mean I could do this using a lot less metal, thus saving weight. There will also be more space for the exhaust system and much greater free space around it.

The exhaust silencer on my Fisher Fury R1 was and is one of the most problematic aspects of the car. Firstly, a 2003 fuel-injected engine is loud and requires a large silencer, which adds weight. Secondly, it also needs a catalyst to pass the IVA test.

My plan is to have an exhaust silencer and catalyst which is easily swappable. I envisage a range of exhausts for road and track use, much like I have for my Fisher Fury R1.

With a rear engined car, it is possible to use a simpler exhaust system and to also route the exhaust outlet down into the ground. This makes the car quieter.

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