Roof, Windows & Doors

This is a section I never thought I'd be writing!


I'm currently using a 4mm polycarbonate aeroscreen on the Fury R1, which is about 10" tall and does a brilliant job of pushing wind and debris up over my head. It is a curved, wrap-around screen that was cut to fit the bodywork. It is mounted on spacers and stainless-steel 5mm bolts through the polycarbonate and the bodywork, where the incident angle allows (mainly at the sides). On the leading edge, it is mounted using metal brackets.

The downside of this approach is that rainwater runs up the bodywork, under the aeroscreen and over the scuttle (landing on my knees) at higher speeds. A seal is ideally required along the bottom edge.


I've decided to add an optional windscreen this time, simply to improve the practicality of the car if required. It will be removeable though, because I don't want a permanent weight penalty. The screen is going to basically be as low as possible, with the roof adding extra height and clearance for a helmet.

It will be possible to quickly swap in a lower profile aeroscreen and this might be what I use most of the time.

As well as the weight gain of the glass (or possibly polycarbonate) windscreen, I have then have a requirement to add a wiper, washer bottle and demister. I'd like to integrate the wiper mechanism and motor into the screen surround and as such be also removeable (and thus not part of my 400Kg target). The demister can be a tiny, light-weight ceramic fan heater and the washer bottle can also be a small plastic bottle with minimal weight. It doesn't have to have much (heavy) water in it!

Rear Window

The rear window will be made from polycarbonate and can only be used when the windscreen is in place. The force of the air would rip it out if the windscreen was not in place.

Side Windows

The side windows can be used with the roof or the roof can be used without the side windows.

The side windows cannot be used without the windscreen surround being in place, e.g. with the aeroscreen.


The plan if for a solid roof that is removeable and will also add to the structural rigidity of the car.

Having been loaned a mk IV MX-5, I was amazed by the practicality and ease of use with a soft-top like this. I don't need that level of practicality though, so I'm sticking with a hard-top design.


The gull-wing roof openings (doors) are permanently attached to the roof panel and include the side windows (which don't open).

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