My plan for this car to have easily adjustable ride height. The plan is to run a ride height of 120mm for road use and 60mm to 80mm for track use (yet to determine whether this is feasible). My currently runs at a ride height of 120mm front / 150mm rear but, the ground clearance is just 75mm due to the engine sump sticking out below. In this car, I plan to have a fully flat floor running front to rear, so the engine will be mounted slightly higher.

This means that the steering rack height needs to also be easily adjustable to compensate for these ride-height changes.

Front Suspension

Fisher Fury R1 front suspension My plan A is to use a similar suspension set up to my Fisher Fury R1, with in-board springs and dampers and a rocker arm. This time, the suspension will be fully rose jointed. This design is also over engineered and is designed to work with a V8 in the front of a Fisher Fury as well as my current bike engine. I'm confident, I can implement a lighter version based on this design.

J15 front suspension Tim Hoverd used an updated rocker arm design on his J15, which removes the need for a greased rocker tube.

Fisher Fury R1 front uprights The current plan is to also use front uprights fabricated from cut-down Escort Mk II uprights but, I'm currently investigating alternatives. I already have a spare pair of Escort Mk II front struts though. These are actually fairly light already.

Siltech Racing front upright Siltech Racing is one company that produce alternative front uprights.

Front Hubs

I'm planning to use pattern alloy front hubs again.

Rear Suspension

Fisher Fury R1 rear suspension Again, my plan A is to use a similar rear suspension set up to my Fisher Fury R1, using double wishbones and it also fully rose-jointed.

Fisher Fury R1 rear uprights This rear uprights on the Fury are pretty heavy engineering and are also awkward to work on (some bolts very difficult to reach properly). I'm going to use a new, custom billet alloy design to make a significant weight saving.

Rear Hubs

I'm would like to use something lighter than the Sierra rear hubs on this car.

Shock Absorbers / Dampers

Nitron NTR springs and dampers I used Nitron NTX springs and dampers on my Fisher Fury R1 and been really pleased with them. These have now been replaced by the NTR model and you get a full kit of four adjustable dampers fitted with uprated springs as well as all the spacers etc. that are required to complete the job. They are CNC machined from aluminium, the dampers are very light. Fitted with sealed spherical bearings as standard, they are able to run inverted, and being gas monotube (as all F1 dampers are), they are very fade resistant and provide extremely good short-stroke damping control. All Nitron dampers are fully rebuildable.

There are lighter (and more expensive) alternatives available.

Camber Compensation

Camber Compensation & Anti-Roll system The Walker Partnership have developed an interesting camber compensation and anti-roll system. This would need to be licensed for a commercial development but, my car is a one off.

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