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Last page update was 31 May 2013

Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - May 2013

10th May

Up till now, the lack of reverse gear on my Fury R1 really has not been an issue. Tonight I made it one. Went out for an evening drive and then took a wrong turn. Rather than get out and turn the car around, I thought I'd carry on and see where the road went. A big mistake! It got very narrow and very bumpy and even though I was going very slowly, the sump bottomed out a few times on the gravel piles that had formed down the center of this very cambered lane.

I'm very wary of this and was watching the oil pressure very carefully as I went down the lane very slowly. It started to drop :-( At around 8psi, I switched off the engine. I'd left a fine trail of oil down the lane and a fairly pool quickly appeared under the car.

It didn't take me long to work out, that there was no mobile phone coverage in this part of rural Suffolk. I also have no breakdown cover for the Fisher Fury either, due to the fact that my other two cars are quite new and they both came with free breakdown cover, so I had cancelled my AA cover. Fortunately I wasn't too far from a pub (the Newbourne Fox) and it had BT WiFi . This combined with the BT SmartTalk app  meant I could phone some friends. It is also quite cool that both these services are based on my ideas, whilst working at BT :-)

I pushed the Fury along the road and it left a pool of oil each time I stopped to catch my breath. This makes me think I switched the engine off before any damage was done due to oil starvation. It also looked like the hole in the sump was quite small. Time will tell. By the time I'd got to the pub it was completely empty of oil though.

I parked the Fury up in the pub car park and a kind chap offered to give me a lift home. My wife was away in Norwich, so she couldn't help me. Once there, I picked up a trailer from a friend and went back to collect the Fury. It is a good job I had a towing hitch fitted to my Mazda 6 last month!

The car was tucked up in the garage for the night. Let's see what tomorrow brings ...

11th May

It looks like a stone on the road punched a hole through the sump.
The removed sump and hole. The small piece of punched out metal was found inside the sump. The oil pickup has a fine mesh filter to stop anything of size entering the pump.
I have purchased a new sump via eBay.

14th May

Spoke to Andy Bates up at AB Performance  this morning and have booked the Fury in to have the clutch replaced and a few other bits done.

16th May

My new sump (used) arrived in the post today. Virtually no marks on it but, this is to be expected when used in its normal environment!

18th May

Popped by Orwell Motorcycles to get an oil filter and some new spark plugs.

Sump fitted The new sump installed. Also fitted a new oil filter, which is a lot more time consuming in this car than it should be. In retrospect a remote oil filter was a better way to go. Changing the oil filter currently requires an engine mount to be undone and the engine raised 5mm (relative to the chassis), to stop the filter fouling on the chassis rail.

In theory, I just need to fill her up with oil and off we go but, I'm taking the car up to Andy Bates next week to have a new clutch fitted first.

29th May

Dropped the Fury R1 off with AB Performance , to have the clutch changed. Whilst the car is up with Andy, I'm also having his latest billet allow paddle shift levers fitted :-)

30th May

Heard back from Andy. The clutch plates were well worn, which possibly explains the odd slip I'd been experiencing. The Yamaha race clutch diaphragm spring has also lost a lot of its spring, after six years of hard use. These things were designed for use on light-weight race bikes and not 450Kg cars.

Having discussed the options with Andy, I've gone for the Barnett upgrade.

31st May

Got the Fury back this evening :-)

The obvious change when getting in the car is this new paddle shift mechanism. I got Andy to fit it as it involves turning down the Sierra column on a lathe, to just the right diameter. I had to take it off, see how it worked and weigh it though :-) It's 465g, just 20g lighter than my own home made one but, it is so much more adjustable and rigid, providing a much smoother and solid feel.

I couldn't resist going out for a short drive to see how things feel. The clutch action actually feels lighter now but, much more 'car like', in that it is smoother and less binary. Much easy to pull away and much less likely to stall.

The paddle shift feel is just beautiful. The adjustablility has allowed me to close the gap between the back of the steering wheel and the paddles, which feels much nicer. It is a lovely solid and smooth action. I would definately use this part on my next car.

I don't know how much of it is down to the new clutch but the gears slot home much better too. Changes are quicker and it makes the car feel quicker because of it.


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