Cooling System

With most bike engine installations, it is often simpler to keep the same cooling system arrangements. This is because they often feature a combined oil and water cooling system and are balanced. The chosen design is going to be heavily dependent on the bike engine choice.

Yamaha R1 radiator and fan In my Fury I used the R1 radiator which is very small, very light and very efficient. This makes a lot of sense as water is heavy stuff! Some people use a larger radiator though, especially in race cars. I have not found it to be an issue though, even with no real ducting forcing air through the radiator and even in the hottest of weather. The temperature has always been kept under control by the fan and I also use a manual fan over-ride switch to keep temperature levels down in traffic jams.

Keeping the engine and radiator installation the same as in a motorbike also means I can re-use all the pipework and don't have to move things like the thermostat housing.


With a mid-engined car, good air flow is going to be a bigger challenge, especially as I plan to have keep radiator in the rear of the car, in front of the bike engine. I plan to duct air through two side vents (just behind the petrol tank). This cool air will be forced through the radiator, which will sit at the end of this sealed air duct. The air will then enter the engine bay and exit via a low pressure point, low down at the rear of the car. There will also be some vents on top of the rear bodywork, to enable some convection cooling.


The plan is to re-use the bike fan as these tend to be very light and very efficient. This also simplifies things as I can use the existing mountings. I will again have a manual fan over-ride switch on the dash. To be on the safe side, I'll design with a plan B in mind, which is a much larger fan covering more of the radiators surface area.

Header Tank

I also plan to re-use the bike header tank. These tend to be very small and light and optimised for the coolant volumes used in the bike installation. It should be easy to mount at the highest point too. This means I don't need a second header tank, as required in my Fury.

Air Intake

It is also vital to feed the engine with cool air. Ideally, I'd like a forward facing duct that provides some 'ram air' effect at speed. This duct will be extended through the removeable hard-top.

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