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Last page update was 31 Mar 2005

Fisher Fury Build Progress - March 2005

6th March

Built a decent workbench to start work on the engine properly. It's currently sitting on a piece of chipboard, propped up on a small workmate. After a few months with 60Kg on it, it has started to bow in the middle. After nearly a month of on/off snow, its nice to get back into the garage, though it snowed again briefly today.

I've got a trackday lined up with my brother at Elvington for early next month and an R1ot will be there which should be interesting.

13th March

Spring has arrived at last. Finished the mould for the top section of my airbox and have started preparing the inside surface for the fibreglass. Turned the engine over again with a spanner on the end of the crank, to ensure the same springs are not left compressed.

I'm not convinced that I've put the clutch cover on quite right as the clutch lever doesn't seem to move the clutch plate when I look down through the oil filler hole. It doesn't quite feel right either. Will have to quiz Richard on this one.

I've spent age trying to work out how the block the AIS inlet holes. The recommended approach seems to be to pull out the unions which are an interference fit into the head and to then tap the head for a bolt, but this is a bit too scary for me. Tapping the unions is near impossible as they are awkward to reach and made of some super hard metal that is not common on this planet. Another approach is to leave the first pipes in place and to put a bolt in the other end of the rubber joint. This leaves a lot of pipe trailing around though.

After much deliberation (I've had a few months to think about it), I decided to use the AIS clamps and pipes. I cut these about 25mm below the fixing clamp with a pair of heavy duty bolt cutters. These pipes are also quite hard to cut. I will get the resulting squashed and cut ends welded up to ensure an airtight seal but this is a simple and tidy solution and requires no tricky and lengthy thread cutting jobs. The four clamps as shown only weigh 105g.

14th March

One of my local workshops welded up the ends as shown above for 5. The pipes are stainless steel so the right welding equipment is required and I don't own any.

18th March

Went to visit Used Ford Spares  today to collect some rear-hubs and half-shafts. They kindly removed the hub nuts for me, which is a job I didn't fancy attempting myself.

I also exchanged my old rear Sierra calipers for some shiny reconditioned ones. I have considered using some ultra light-weight ones from the The Kit Car Workshop , but I've got to the keep costs under tight control if I'm going to come in on budget now.

19th March

Dismantalled the rear hubs cleaned them up. Put on a first coat of black smooth hammerite.

19th March

Popped into my local Ford dealership to order the rear wheel bearings, seals and hub nuts.

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