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Fisher Fury R1 - Video Clips

I find the quality of playback of these videos varies with the player used. VLC seems to make a much better job of it than the Apple Quicktime Pro client. If you can't read the .m4v format, then just download the file and rename to a .mpg as it is simply an Apple proprietary thing and the underlying data is the same. I must stop uploading them as .m4v!

I've used a number of different solid-state video recording devices in my car. I've recently upgraded to a full 1080p capable device.



short clip showing why I love the directly connected paddle shift to the R1 sequential gearbox.



The above clip was recorded on my new Contour+ video camera . It is at 1280 × 720p resolution and at 50fps. It uses an external microphone, which is located inside the car and mounted on the shelf to my right (over the side pod). I'm still experimenting with microphones and settings but compared to the video clip below, the audio track is much better.



Scary moment when a chassis rail holding the differential mount snaps right through - 1280 x 720p @ 60fps, shot on my Countour HD camera mounted to the rollbar.


Some wildlife in the road - 1280 x 720p @ 60fps, shot on my Countour HD camera mounted to the rollbar.



This is some sample footage taken using my son's Canon FS100 digital camcorder. It's not hi-def but it uses an 8Gb SD-card to store video at 960 x 540 pixels. It's mounted on the roll hoops. The field of view is quite narrow and there is a lot of wind noise.


13th September

Spent the day at Woodbridge Airfield with Javelin tracksdays. Not as much track footage as I'd liked because I forgot to turn the microphone on .
Woodbridge Airfield (11Mb)
A quick sprint down the main straight before losing it on the far corner. Tyres were too cold. One of two spins on the day.

Woodbridge Airfield (22Mb)
A complete lap, and a relatively slow one at that. I was changing up far too early and also braking far too early at this point.

26th July

Martlesham (11Mb)
New camera mount position. Audio taken from (my son's) in-helmet microphone.

24th February

Martlesham (531Kb)
Another not very exciting clip but shows the improvement in camera mount, video capture and sound quality (this video is compressed and loses something because of it).


2nd September

Martlesham (3.7Mb)
Not a very exciting clip but, it does show the improvement of the new camera mount and my mistake in fixing the angle of the camera. The focus also needs to be slightly adjusted. It's getting better though.

1st September

Trimley Roundabout (5.4Mb)
This is also from my first proper attempt at in-car video. No body roll and awesome grip as you exit the roundabout. Oh, and I must mention the engine noise just once more .

Trimley A14 (2.8Mb)
This is from my first proper attempt at in-car video. The audio is too loud and the bullet camera is moving about too much. Don't you just love that engine sound though? This is short clip as I pull onto the A14 near Felixstowe and shows how quickly you can get up to the legal limit. And yes, I did pull away in second gear.

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