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Fisher Fury R1 Build Progress - September 2005

2nd August

Bought some new Thule roof bars to fit my Mazda 6 estate. I plan to carry the chassis back from The Kit Car Workshop  on the roof rack. If the weather looks bad, then I'm going to hire a van. This will also be my track day tow car once I've got a tow bar fitted. Finally bought a steering rack (from Rally Design ). Opted for a 2.4 ratio quick rack in the end.

4th August

Made up some brackets from 20mm x 2mm aluminium flat to make the fuel pipe fixing to the chassis much easier and tidier. Also made up a quick rig to straighten the coiled fuel pipe, which worked remarkably well. Going to have to try the same technique on the brake pipe when the need arises.

11th August

Lots of odd jobs painting and preparing bits. Also started wiring up my dash. I've made a temporary one from wood to mount the switches and relays to so that I can create and test my wiring loom. Having found a decent crimp tool, this is progressing a lot quicker than I had hoped. I've nearly finished wiring up all the switches and relays against my updated wiring diagram (Microsoft Powerpoint) . I've crimped and soldered all the connections.

15th August

I've wired up the mock dash and switch gear as far as I can without the rest of the car being present, so I spent this evening testing it out. I was slightly thrown when my indicator/hazard wiring didn't seem to work as intended but, it would appear the flasher unit needs a load to operate.

18th August

My wheels/tyres arrived from Polly Motorsport.

21st August

Spoke to Martin to get an update on my chassis. The Kit Car Workshop  are switching over to their updated 2006 chassis design and it is going to take a little longer for mine to be completed. I can't pick it up yet anyway as my Mazda 6 is still being repaired, following a little accident.

22nd August

My steering rack arrived from Rally Design .

28th August

Picked up a Sierra steering wheel from my local scrapyard for a bargain price of £5.88. It was covered in mould but after a wipe down with some vinyl cleaner and a bit of 'back to black', it almost looks like new. It is complete with a central horn press switch but I going to stick with the dash mounted horn for when I change to a Momo race steering wheel.

I've got my Mazda 6 back from the garage now so I can pick up my chassis when it is finally ready.

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