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Fisher Fury Build R1 - Power Commander Configuration

At this point, I should make it clear that I know squat about engine emissions, other than the fact that I know I need a Power Commander  to get me through the SVA test. This device intercepts the ECU signals to the fuel injectors and the electronic ignition. One of the things it allows me do is to tweak the amount of fuel injected for a given throttle position and rpm. The air fuel mixture is controlled by the ECU. As far as I understand it, the hydrocarbons is dependent on the amount of fuel so if the Power Commander is used to reduce the fuel input, I can reduce the hydrocarbons emissions.

I've been sent various maps and using the PC software supplied with the maps you can adjust the fuel rate and ignition for various engine speeds. There is a column to do this for varying throttle positions but all of the maps below have entries to reduce the fuel in the first column (zero throttle position). This means that they must have been used to pass an emissions test at idle (zero throttle).


Kit Car Workshop
I got this map the The Kit Car Workshop . It is very simple and simply strangles the engine at lower revs and runs the engine very lean to keep the hydrocarbons low. It only has effect on zero throttle input.

Fellow BEC Builder
This map was from a fellow builder who got his BEC through with a large catalyst. This map keeps the car driveable but didn't work so well for Daz. The map only alters fuel at low rpm. Daz's hydrocarbons check was done at 3000rpm and this map has nothing in it to effect emissions at this engine speed. He failed the emissions test. Luckily, he was allowed to swap over to the next map.

My SVA Test Map
This is map I created during my MOT test and subsequently used to pass the SVA test. It is a modification of the one above.

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