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Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - November 2007

4th November

In an effort to get some more accurate view of fuel consumption, I filled the tank today, with 843 miles on the clock. The car runs well in these cooler conditions and to be honest, I've not felt cold yet. Despite the lack of heater, warm air permiates through the cabin from the engine bay and the centre tunnel seems to get warm too.

It does nothing for the tyres though and the grip from the A048R's is simply rubbish when they are this cold. It's fun of sorts though, if you are prepared for it. Even a relatively gentle exit from my close, I had the rear end paying a visit to the central white lines. It's very progressive though and easy to catch with a quick steering rack. It means I have to work a lot harder to get some temperature into them . Overall, I rate the A048's highly though. The feedback is excellent, the grip when up to temperature is awesome and I love the progressive way in which they finally lose grip. On any other car, I'd be thinking about a spare set of wheels and some winter tyres though. As it is, any spare wheels will have some full slicks on, for track days.

5th November

Quick trip out at lunchtime up to Orford and through Tunstall Forest .

9th November

Finally felt well enough to drive, the suns out and the council have gritted the roads .

24th November

Found a brief break in the weather to go for a drive, armed with my AP22. The ambient temperature was only 3°C so I was well wrapped up. Surprisingly, I was nice and snug in the clothes I'd chosen. The only bit that felt a bit cold was my hands. I set the AP22 onto continuous log mode once I'd found some clear roads. It doesn't have a huge amount of memory though, so it won't record for very long. I still got some interesting data from it though.

The AP22 estimated the peak engine power at 175bhp (based upon the vehicle weight I entered). I'd put in a figure of 530Kg, which includes car and driver. When all dressed up I weighed myself at 102Kg and I'd estimated the car to be about 430Kg with a full tank of fuel. Now this is a good result, even if it is only an estimate. It means either the engine is more powerful than I expected or the car weighs less than I expected. Either of which is good news. Also of note was the acceleration above 60mph .

25th November

Despite trying hard to get some warmth into the tyres before doing some 0-60mph runs today, each attempt resulted in me lighting up the rear tyres. Lots of revs and little forward movement . I'm trying to not get too hung up on the numbers and just enjoy driving the thing but, it is fun trying to quantify the performance of the car. The roads are a little bit slippery at this time of year, which made things interesting on a couple of occasions.


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