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Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - April 2009

4th April

Hoping to get a lot of driving in this month. Weather is getting warm and had a great drive this afternoon. I wound up the Nitrons another 3 clicks front and rear and it made a huge difference. The car feels so much more involving and stable. Some of the bumps along my favourite local route felt a lot bigger though.

5th April

Went out for a late evening drive. What started out as a warm spring evening, turned to dense fog as I got closer to Felixstowe. Quite bizarre that way the weather changed so quickly.

16th April

Been on leave this week and managed to get loads of driving in. The weather over the Easter break has been fantastic.

I've also been experimenting with my son's digital camcorder on my kit car. It's a Canon FS100 and although not hi-definition, it provides a very good picture for the price. One concern I've had is that the internal lens is left quite exposed to stones and flying insects when on the move. I bought a cheap (£6) 37mm polarising filter on eBay which fits with a bit of tape to wedge it inside the lens surround (there are no threads for a filter). If this gets damaged I can simply buy a new one.

25th April

Fantastic drive up and around Aldeburgh. I was supposed to be doing my first track day this weekend but a troublesome tooth and the start of some root canal work left me with no time to prepare for it .

28th April

Another good drive this lunchtime :-)

The Stoneleigh  Kitcar Show  is this weekend and if the weather allows, I'm planning to drive up in the Fury. If its wet, I'll be going in something more waterproof as no roof and A048's in the wet are not my idea of fun.

I'm hoping that the new Sylva Spectre  will be at the show. This is the latest design from Jeremy Philips and is remarkably close to the original idea behind the Lotus Elise. The Elise started out as a light-weight, mid-engined, door-less concept but, doors were added into the design to braoden the appeal of the car. The Spectre even looks like an Elise S1 from the front.

My Fury will be parked up on the JPSC  stand, weather permitting. My two brothers will also be there, one with his Striker and the other with his Fury. Let us hope the bank holiday weather is good this time. One interesting challenge will be how to operate my satnav in the Fury. Placing my phone to get the screen in view will be challenging and hearing the audio instructions quite a challenge too.


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