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Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - December 2009

11th December

Realised I've not updated this diary for a few months now. Basically been driving the Fury and enjoying it a lot. Been doing virtually no jobs on the car at all and the list of things to do is quite long now. Even more so because the car has to pass an MOT in March next year! Managed to smash a headlight. Some powder coat has flaked off in places and some remedial work is required to generally clean the chassis and touch up a few stone chips. The tyres have managed to hang on a few more months but all four A048's need replacing very soon and certainly before an MOT.

All in all, it's been another fantasic year with a bike-engined car though. It still puts a huge smile on my face every time I get in it and it still sends my pulse rate soaring upwards. Been 100% reliable this year with nothing needing doing at all bar topping up the engine with a bit of oil. I still check tyre pressures, coolant level and oil level every time I go out in it. The weather in November was appalling but, I still managed to get out for the odd drive. With the temperature outside dropping significantly, the tyre pressures have dropped by several psi.

Now collecting the parts, tools and consumables ready to give the car a thorough check over during the Christmas break.

28th December

Decided to go for a drive as the sun was finally out. 1ºC is not that much fun in a car with no windscreen or heater but needed to get out in the car and drive it. There was still some ice on the road in my close. Very little grip from the tyres and it was very hard to get some heat into them too. The rear wheels would spin at the slightest provacation. Could even spin them in 6th gear!


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