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Last page update was 17 Sep 2011

Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - September 2011

1st September

I've bought some professional ear plugs, to help protect my hearing. It really does make driving the car a lot more enjoyable. Very scary when you do take them out though.

13th September

Went to take the Fury to work today, so I could go out for a drive at lunch time. It wouldn't start! This is the first time it has failed to start since I built it. Every indication that the battery had died. Ordered a new one just in case and stuck the Optimate III on before I left for work on my bicycle.

Popped home at lunch time and the Optimate indicated that the battery was fully charged. It can't charge a battery from flat in that time. Sure enough, the battery could hardly light up my LED side-lights, never mind start the engine.

The original battery has done pretty well to last this long, given that it is very small and light. I don't think I've used the battery conditioner on it this year either. It also gets warm from the radiant heat coming off the exhaust manifold. I put some heat reflective mat on the battery to minimise this though.

15th September

My new battery (Yuasa YTX12-BS 10Ah) arrived from MDS Battery . Filled it up with the supplied electrolyte and put it on charge. It weighs 4.1Kg.

17th September

Installed the new battery in the Fury this morning. Fuel pump immediately started whirring (hadn't realised this was missing before) and it started first time.


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