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Last page update was 26 Mar 2012

Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - March 2012

16th March

Preparing the Fury R1 for it's MOT next week. Gave the car a clean inside, outside, underneath and all through the engine bay. Insurance renewal is £172 this year.

23rd March

Banjo connector to fuel tank The washers on the banjo connector coming out of the fuel tank need replacing. Going to replace the hoses and filters whilst I'm at it.

24rd March

My local motorshop  is brilliant. Discovered the washers for the banjo connector are from a Mondeo sump plug. Picked up a new filter and they gave me a new piece of fuel pipe (wasn't sure if this was part of the problem) for free. My fuel leak was resolved for £4.03p.

Spent the day checking over the car and preparing it for the MOT. The fuel leak is definately fixed :-) We have amazing weather at the moment but, resisted the urge to go driving and focussed on sorting the car out fully. Cleaned and checked everything, springs, dampers, suspension arms, engine, interior, chassis, the lot. Fell in love with my car again in the sunlight :-)

25th March

Planning a few upgrades  this summer. Want to improve the brake feel and also plan to get a new customer exhaust fabricated for track days. One that is super quiet. The four that I already have are too noisy!

26th March

Took the day off work, to take the Fury in for its MOT this morning. Could not have had a better day for it, glorious sunshine all day. The Fury passed without any issues, so I sorted out the road tax (£130 for 12 months), then spent the rest of the day driving it. Summer has started! :-) Got a bit sun burnt.


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