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Last page update was 25 Mar 2013

Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - March 2013

2nd March

Started looking at what needs to be done to get the car through MOT.

Tyres wear Started by checking over the wheels and tyres. The front tyres were replaced late last year but the rears have been on for some time now. I've got a pair waiting to go on in the garage but, the rears should be good for a little longer yet.

Next was the suspension. This is all looking good. Cleaned it all up and used a grease gun to inject some more grease into the front rockers. This is a useful video clip!

The brakes are looking good too. I still have the original brake pads on and the front have more than 5mm pad left. The rears have 6-7mm left. That's pretty amazing after 6 years of abuse but, shows the benefits of a light car. I've done about 10,000 miles now.

3rd March

Straightened the steering wheel properly. Since I last tweaked the geometry, it was out by a few degrees when driving in a straight line. It finally annoyed me enough to do something about it. It's a five minute job, so why I left it so long, I don't know! Whilst I was at it, I had the whole column out and lubricated that too. The steering is nice and smooth and friction free.

Went out for a quick drive and the car is going fantastically well in the cool air.

23rd March

Was hoping to work outside on the Fury today. MOT is due this Monday and I need to check the car over and do a few jobs. It snowed all day though, about 3" in total. Ended up emptying the garage of bikes, etc and dumping stuff on the drive with a tarpaulin over it all. This just about gave me enough room to work on the Fury under cover.

24th March

Final day preparing the Fury for its MOT tomorrow. Basically a thorough check over and testing. The weather is still bad but the ice and snow is starting to melt a little.

25th March

MOT due today. Thankfully, the main roads are free of snow but, our close and most of the smaller roads are still icy and have snow on them. The garage I use is a rural one, down some long country roads :-( Very scary trip on cold A048s. The biggest hazard was the line of snow down the middle of the road. It was high enough to hit the sump in lots of places.

The Fury passed though :-)


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