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Last page update was 02 Apr 2014

Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - March 2014

15th March

Preparing the Fury R1 for it's MOT next week. Took the oppportunity to give it a good clean. For a car that's been driven hard for 7 years, it is in remarkably good condition!

15th March

Passed the MOT today :-) Let the summer fun begin!

21st March

First night run of the year. Not exactly warm but warm enough. The dipped headlights really are a bit rubbish but, my MOT tester did say they could be raised higher. The high beam lighting is pretty good but finding a black switch on a black dashboard in the dark to switch to high beam is 'challenging'. This has spurred me on to fix this with some new instrumentation.

22st March

Jaguar E-type photo I came across on Twitter. It is clear where some of the inspiration for the Fisher Fury came from.

23rd March

Superb early morning drive up to Orford in the sunshine.
Orford Castle

29th March

I have a pair of new Yokohama A048 tyres in the garage to fit to the rear of the Fury soon.

I'm also due new tyres on the front of the Fury soon, but Avon ZZR tyres have been recommended by many people, so I'm going to give these a try. An immediate down side I can see is that they are only available in one size at 13" and this is 185/55R13. The current tyres are 185/60R13. This means the rolling circumference (from the tyre bible) drops from 1665.4 mm to 1609.6 mm. This equates to -55.8 mm or -3.35%. If the speedo read 70mph before (and was accurate), you would actually travelling at 67.7 mph with these tyres. There is also a recommended scrubbing in process for these tyres.


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