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May 2014

10th May

Sunny when I left but, by the time I'd got back to Woodbridge a huge thunderstorm had formed. Got very wet!

18th May

Orford Days like this are what the Fury is all about! Up early on Sunday morning to make the most of the sunshine. Empty suffolk B-roads roads, cool morning air and Tarmac warm enough to get the tyres up to temperature. The grip levels are astounding and this is emphasised by the minimal roll and me sitting well below the centre of the wheels. You have to try extremely hard to get the car to even break traction.

It's days like this that make me wonder just what could be more fun on four wheels. The small size of the Fury is a key factor when negotiating these narrow B-roads. There is far more power from the R1 engine than you could ever need on these kind of roads too. My Contour+ GPS log makes for interesting viewing (as does the video!) and it shows that most of my time is spent at fairly low speeds (35-50mph) just connecting up the corners. There is also more than enough power for the instant hits of acceleration in the occasional gaps between them. The brakes on the Fury can withstand hours of continuous track time. On the road, they never struggle to deliver huge stopping power and plenty of confidence. Without a proper race seat and 6-point harness, I'm sure this would actually be painful.

25th May

Snape One of my favourite local roads. Completely deserted early on a Sunday morning. Never thought to actually stop and take a picture before, so this is the first time ever. The Fury is perfectly suited to these kinds of roads.
Snape One day, cars like this won't be allowed on public roads. For now, I'm just going to make the most of it.


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