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February 2017

Sunday 19th February

Spent most of the weekend working on my son's Eunos . We are getting trackday ready and are replacing the water pump and camshaft timing belt. It's such a great little car to work on but not even close to teh simplicity of the Fury.

Fisher Fury R1 Finally got to drive the Fury R1 today. The first drive of 2017. I've got a few jobs to do on the car in the coming weeks:

  • I'm revisiting the idea of an air box because the induction noise makes it just too loud to use on track and I want to do some track days this year.
  • I have a minor fuel leak that needs to be fixed.
  • I have a minor electrical problem, which surfaced last year after a long drive with the headlights on. With the lights on the low voltage warning light on the Digidash is flickering on occasionally, which implies the alternator, rectifier, or possible the battery connections need looking at.
  • I noticed it a few times later last year but it isn't just my imagination, the car is clutch is definately slipping very briefly but only in 6th gear. As I've just had the clutch replaced, I'm suspecting the oil is the problem. It's higher viscosity than I normally use.

Fixing the fuel leak was easy :-) One of the pipe clips had worked loose.


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