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Last page update was 29 Aug 2017

August 2017

1st August

R1 alternator/stator My new R1 alternator / stator arrived in the post today.

Looking at the connector (with the locking tab at the top), I numbered the pins 1 to 3, from left to right. The resistances measured between pins were using a mulitmeter were: 1-2 = 0.4Ω, 2-3 = 0.4Ω and 1-3 = 0.4Ω. These are not accurate though. Multimeters simply aren't designed to measure resistances this low so you need to use a Volt and Ampere meter method .

Using a bench power supply to provide a low voltage to the coil, the current was measured and the voltage across the coil was also measured. Each coil had a about 1.04A and 0.77V across it. This means each coil resistance is more accurately around 0.75Ω.

5th August

Terrible weather today, so focused on making a new roll bar mount for a GoPro Hero 5 video camera.

13th August

Nice drive this morning to test out the GoPro 5 installation. Whilst the video quality is really good, the audio captured without an external microphone is poor. The camera is simply exposed to too much wind.

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