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Last page update was 14 Apr 2018

April 2018

2nd April

Side pods off Checking over the car today, my main focus being on finding any rust on the chassis and treating it. Stones can chip the powder coat cause surface rust. I removed the driver's side pod today. This hasn't come off since the car passed the SVA test! A few of the rivnuts have rusted badly and I had to cut through one to get the side pod off the car. There was a little rust where the side pod rubs on the chassis but, the lower edge is also bolted so it can't move much.

5th April

More cleaning up of the chassis before the side pods go back on. The powder coat around the wheel and suspension areas gets hit by stones and chips. This lets the water in underneath it and it then needs to be removed and treated. I'm using Hammerite KURUST to treat the rust then a smooth blue Hammerite paint over this. In places I've also used black Hammerite Underbody Seal over this and the joins between chassis and fibreglass.

I also powder coated the aluminium panels used on the inside of my car. Where they are exposed in the rear wheel arches a few chips have caused corrosion. These have been treated and painted with an etch primer, then painted with black Hammerite Underbody Seal.

Compomotive CX-R alloy wheel After 11 years hard use, my CX-R wheels are still in excellent condition.

14th April

Rivnut Trying to complete the clean up of the car and today I drilled out the old rivnuts in the side pods and fitted new ones. I've used steel rivnuts and many have gone rusty. This time, I'm using larger backing washers (stainless-steel ones) and lots of Araldite glue. These will also be painted over with Hammerite and I'll use grease to keep the threads clean.

Having to get a move on. My son's 1990 Mazda Eunos  needs to be in my main gargae and stripped down before going off for a full respray at the end of the month!

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