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May 2018

5th May

Spent most of the day treating rust on the chassis and repainting with Hammerite. I need to get my car out our main garage, so that I can move my son;s Eunos in and start stripping it down for a full respray.

6th May

Original aeroscreen After 11+ years, my aeroscreen is looking tired and hazy.
Aeroscreen cracks On closer inspection, I noticed that there were some stress cracks around the mounts of my aero-screen. Given its age and the fact that I don't want it letting go at high speed, I decided to cut another one from my large sheet of 4mm polycarbonate. The removed screen was weighed at 1.52Kg.
New aeroscreen cut I used the old screen as a template, to ensure the new one would fit properly. I used a jigsaw with a Bosch T101A Acrylic cutting blade. I then sanded the edges to smooth them and round them off.

7th May

I took the opportunity to strengthen the mounting points on the body work by using Araldite to glue some large washers on the inside of the fibreglass. These will better distribute the load.

New aeroscreen fitted Interestingly, the first time I tried to fit it, the mounting holes were not aligned correctly. I'd forgotten that I'd originally drilled the mounting points by eye and they were not exactly symetrical spacing. This means the screen will only fit one way around. I also strengthened the mounting points by

In the afternoon, I put the car back together again, so it is driveable. Went out for a quick drive and it feels really solid and fast :-)

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