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Last page update was 02 May 2018

Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - Jobs To Do

Side Pod Exhaust Outlet

I've cur more and more of the fibreglass away and I'd like to tidy up the exit hole for the exhaust tail pipe. I've now fabricate a cover/surround and spray painted it to match the bodywork.

Head Restraint

I'm planing to fit some kind of head rest/restraint to the rollbar.

Front Brake Upgrade

I would like to upgrade my front brake calipers to get a bit more feel from the brakes. Wilwood calipers seem to be the ones to go for.

Air Box Ducting

I fabricated my own bespoke airbox from GRP but I need to add the cold air ducting.

Track Day Exhaust

I've got four exahusts at the moment. None of them is really quiet enough for the stringent noise limits found at some trackdays. The plan is to make a bespoke exhaust that is shaped to make best use of the space within the sidepod and thus much bigger and quieter than all the ones I currently have.

Rear Brake Upgrade

Would like to upgrade the old, heavy Sierra calipers for something lighter. From a braking performance perspective, there is no reason to do this.

Carbon Fibre Dash

My first dash still has various hacks to move the so I need a new one to tidy it all up.

Corner Weighting & Geometry

Now I'm happier with the spring rates, I really need this car set up properly. Will pay a visit to Andy Bates soon.


The throttle pedal pivots on a 6mm bolt but I don't like this arrangement. If the bolt is too tight, the throttle is stiff. If not tight enough, the pedal moves from side to side slightly. It's crying out for a quality bearing arrangement. I'm goinjg to fabricate a new pedal myself.

Similarly, the Fisher supplied pedal assembly is low quality. The pedals rattle at certain revs and need to be mounted on bearings. This bit is more complicated but I reckon I can replicate this in aluminium and make sure the pedals are mounted on bearings. Shold be able to save a bit of weight too.

Bonnet Catches

Fit second pair of bonnet catches.

Rear Wheel Arch Liners

The rear wheel arches really need some sort of liner to stop grit collecting on top of the side pod.

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