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Fisher Fury R1 Build Progress - August 2005

1st August

Started on the differential to get it ready to go in the chassis. Removing the old oil seals proved problematic but they came out after an hours work with a claw hammer and a rubber mallet. The hardest part is keeping the diff still in such way that you can attack the seals at the right angles.

Found a local company  that can supply the bronze top-hat bushes for my paddle shift lever mechanism. Only 80p each.

Some interesting reading on Bob's Ultima site . As a new and equal partner in Fisher Sports Cars, Martin Bell apparently now has more influence on the design of the Fury, including the chassis. He has made some modifications to the chassis which will be included in the chassis delivered to me. He did mention some changes when we were working out the specification for my Nitron springs and dampers. It also looks like there will be some new body moulds made, so hopefully these will be improved in terms of quality and shape and will hopefully be much easier to fit.

30th August

Been on holiday for most of this month, so zero progress. My chassis is due in about 2 weeks now so I've got time to empty out the garage in preparation.

Things left to buy to get to the rolling chassis stage:

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