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Last page update was 02 Mar 2007

Fisher Fury Build Progress - January 2007

2nd January

Finalising the bodywork graphics. The single 6" blue stripe down the centre of the car is in four pieces. 25cm long below the front grille, 175cm over the bonnet, 21cm over the scuttle and 110cm over the rear section.

4th January

Cut the front grille down to roughly the right shape. Looked at the best way to fix it. I'm going to use 8 stainless-steel bolts through the fibre-glass, the grille and some plastic clamps.

7th January

Fitted the front grille, though I'm going to have to do it again with some longer bolts. I've used stainless-steel 3mm x 10mm socket button head bolts. They need to be 15mm long though. They are just visible in this picture.

I'm going to fit a rear diffuser on the back of the car. The main reason for doing this is to cover holes, to be cut in the covered area, to enable better access to the rear lights and electrics. This will also extend down, as per the red lines, to the chassis and fix help mount the rear bodywork more rigidly.

I know the one in the picture is offset. I was just using this rough MDF template to get an idea of what it would look like and the measurements required.

Need to replace the dash with something better. Ideally I'd like to use carbon fibre sheet but it's expensive! As shown the dash needs to be 100cm wide and 22cm deep but I could extend it by 18cm on each side to fill in the arc above the sidepods.

I need a rear fog light for SVA. This Ring RL014 light off of eBay should do the trick and has a dual mount to ensure it is level. It has to be at least 250mm from the ground.

8th January

Received the vinyl graphics for my car today.

Picked up some bolts and nut covers from Suffolk Fasteners . Ordered an exhaust tailpipe from my local Wilco store.

10th January

My foglight arrived. I've drilled a 5mm hole, which will mark the centre of the 52mm diameter hole for my proper foglight. I've used this hole to (nearly) flush mount the foglight and a similar hole close by to pass the power cable through. Used the odd washer to ensure it is vertical. I had to locate this here, to ensure it is high enough off the ground. It looks ugly but it is legal.

Also carefully marked the centre line of the car to ensure the vinyl stripe is correctly placed.

Ordered my Schroth harnesses  in blue and some wing mirrors from eBay.

12th January

My wing mirrors arrived. An impulsive eBay purchase and not the ones I had originally planned to use. These are from a Suzuki GSXR1000 K2 are in very good condition. They seemed perfect at £20 delivered. Also picked up my exhaust tailpipe.

It's a sad day today . The Kitcar Workshop and Fisher Sportscars are up for sale. Martin Bell is retiring from the kitcar business on health grounds.

13th January

A quick test to see what my blue vinyl stripe looks like. It's in four parts to go down the length of the car.

I've decided to leave these off of the car until post SVA because:

  • The rear foglight gets in the way and I'm going to have to cut a large hole through the vinyl to fit the new one.
  • The front grille will need to be re-fitted after the stripe has been applied.
  • I want to run the stripe up to the stick on front number plate and not underneath it.

14th January


Since I'm struggling to find seats that fit me and the car, I thought I'd had a look at making some home made ones. This recaro seat is my inspiration and it is a fairly basic looking shape. It just so happens that I have some foam with just the right shape to copy the foam seat pad and I've got some black leather effect vinyl to cover it, if it turns out as being good enough for SVA.

Spent 30 minutes building my first attempt, using some 6mm MDF, some odd bits of wood and a jigsaw. It's remarkably light and very robust. It fits me perfectly but, it is a bit of a squeeze to get in the car and it will be in the way of the lower harness mountings.

Spent a bit more time thinking. The seat back is almost parallel with the rear bulkhead panel but 10-11cm further forward. The seat base is 30cm deep and 15cm from the chassis rail. As the cockpit is fairly narrow anyway, the seat sides are pretty much redundant (until you get on a track of course).

With more simplicity and lighter weight in mind, I found that a cardboard box acheives pretty much the same effect as the seat and and is actually more comfortable .

So the plan is to create something that achieves the same effect, is simpler, lighter, better looking and if I have my way, fully adjustable fore and aft.

Second attempt, with room around the sides and channels underneath for the 6-point harness. The way I'm going to mount this allows the whole thing can be moved forward for people with shorter legs. It uses two support bars down the back which spread the weight over the rear bulkhead. There is even some storage space down behind the seat.

Next job is to add some shaped foam, to get a bit more comfort and support. I've got various pieces of differing densities and initial experimentation shows that you can have foam which is too hard.

I'll cover it with the black leather effect vinyl when finished. This should be good enough to see me through the SVA test and I can then hunt out some proper seats which fit both me and the car.

16th January

Front Grille

Refitted the front grille with the new 3mm bolts. The nyloc nuts now fully fit on the threads.

Side Mirrors

Spent some time trying to work out the best position for the side mirrors. The SVA test requires that the drivers side mirror is adjustable whilst in the drivers seat and I think this means with the seat belt/harness on but, the wording is not specific in this sense. This would mean fitting them further back, roughly in line with the steering wheel. This is also pretty much where they would go, if they were fixed to the rear edge of the aeroscreen too as it curves around the cockpit.

The further back they go, the closer they are to the driver and the larger the field of view. A large field of view is good, unless you are being dazzled at night. In either position the field of view is good.

One thing to bear in mind is make sure that you can adjust the mirror on the end of the stalk to get a proper view. The range of movement is fairly limited. You can also adjust the angle of the stalk to help though. Something else I did was to reverse the stalks so that the mirrors sit at a better angle. On the donor bike, they are mounted on a fairly steeply sloping piece of the fairing. The stalks are held on the the base via a bolt, which can be removed.

The mirrors look much better when close to the front edge of the main tub. I can reach the drivers one OK, even with a harness on so I fixed them here.

18th January

Fuel Filler Cap

Drilled a 3mm locator hole for the fuel filler cap. Using a hole saw, I cut out a 62mm diameter hole and the surrounding six 5mm holes for the fixing bolts. I had to cut the fuel pipe down a bit more. I can't fully fit this until the main tub is on for good.

20th January


Back to work on my drivers seat. Covered the base with some foam. Tried various densities and this one seemed most comfortable.

Used various grades on the seat back to get better support and comfort.

Covered it using black vinyl and a staple gun to fix it to the seat frame. This is good enough for the SVA test.

21st January

Time to get rid of the last few bits of tape on my car (holding on the side pods) ...

Driver's Side Pod

Took the drivers side pod off and drilled a series of 5mm holes from underneath, up into the main tub, along the outer edge. Made sure they aligned with a suitable piece of sidepod. Put the sidepod back on and marked the sidepod through the hole with a pencil. Drilled these holes out to 7mm, to accept a steel rivnut. You can't fix rivnuts to fibreglass without cracking it, so I drilled some 6mm washers out to 7mm and fixed the rivnuts, through the fibreglass and then the washer. I also used Araldite for good measure. I can now bolt through the main tub into the side pod with some 5mm x 20mm socket button head bolts. This now gives a much better shutline between the sidepod and the main tub but there are a few places where I need take the main tub back a bit.

The side pod is now fixed pretty rigidly but I drilled three 5mm holes through the fillet plate and the front part of the sidepod. These can be fixed with bolts as you can gain access to the nuts from within the engine bay.

I need to add fixings on the lower edge but, I'm going to have a look at the passenger side first.

Passenger's Side Pod

Basically repeated the above process on the passenger side.

There is no longer any tape holding the bodywork on the car!

22nd January

My Momo steering wheel arrived today. It's a bit smaller than the Sierra one!

25th January

Fitted my Momo wheel to the quick release hub.

31st January

Finished fitting the side pods.

My Schroth harnesses finally arrived. Theses are 6-point fixing with 3" shoulder straps and 2" waist straps. They come with rings that bolt into the harness mounts and the belts all clip in place for easy removal. The shoulder straps are way too long, so I rolled up the excess and tie-wrapped it up.

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