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Last page update was 23 Jan 2009

R1 Instruments

By not using the R1 instruments (common referred to as 'clocks') and in using a Digidash2, I'm missing the ability to display diagnostics information from the ECU. This hasn't been an issue so far as the engine is running fine and nothing seems to be amiss in terms of performance. When the ECU detects problems though, it will display an error code on the missing instrument pod. To address this I decided to add the wiring back into my car to allow me to connect an R1 instrument cluster.

This is 2003 instrument pod ('clocks') I bought for the 2002/03 R1 5PW on eBay for a very reasonable price.

On the back is the socket for the wiring loom connector. This would be connect via the handle bar loom, something I didn't get when I bought my engine.

The connector socket is a Yamaha bespoke 16-pin one but 4 of the pins are unused. The rest are connected as described below.

I could make some bespoke connections to the instrument cluster but I thought it would be easier to use the proper connector. Following a request to the Sylva Chat List , I managed to get one from Malcolm at Yorkshire Engines . Superb service!


Looking at the wiring diagram, the following wires go to the instrument cluster (note that pin numbering is yet to be resolved):

  1. light blue with white dots = neutral indicator
  2. black with white dots = earth
  3. yellow with blue dots = ECU (pin 38 on the ECU connector)
  4. yellow with black dots = ECU (pin 4 on the ECU connector)
  5. red with white dots -> brown = +12V from ignition
  6. red with green dots = backup power supply
  7. black with red dots = oil level
  8. green with white dots = fuel level
  9. green = indicator light left
  10. red = indicator light right

From the wiring diagram these are the wires and colours on the connector plug:

I only need five of the above to be connected to get the required diagnostics displayed. I'm assuming that this will also enable the tacho too. The cluster is designed such that the tacho stands proud at the from so you could make a hole in the dash and just display the RPM if you wanted to. There is something very satisfying in watching an analogue tacho at work. Another smaller hole would also show the shift light. I don't need to do this myself though, I plan to connect the clocks in a way that allows me to see the instruments and error codes whilst on the move.

  1. backup power
  2. +12V
  3. earth
  4. the two ECU connections


First job is to trace the two ECU wires from the ECU. These don't go anywhere if you are not using the clocks, so I must have cut them down and left them in the bundle of wires exiting the ECU connector. I will need to extend these to make the connector installation easier and readily accessible when the time comes to put the clocks on it. I don't want to make them too long though as they will pick up some interference from the engine.



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