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Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - August 2007

4th August

Did a small job, I've been meaning to do for ages. The panels on to of the propshaft tunnel are simply bolted in place but seem to work loose over time and rattle. I've added some 3mm thick foam strip to provide a snug fit and to eliminate any rattles. This of course required a test drive in the evening. This car is a bit of a nightmare to drive when the sun is very low. There is no sun visor and at times I simply could not see where I was going.

26th August

Finally! A break in the weather and no more decorating jobs to do. Rolled the Fury out to do a few checks. Oil has seeping down the hose from the pressure sensor, so I checked the hose fitting. It was slightly loose.

There has also been some very slight lateral movement of the front wheels when I tug on them. I tightened up the wheel bearing nuts half a turn and it went away. Also took the time to check the front suspension and uprights over. Undid all the locking tabs on the front uprights and managed to get a turn on the fittings, before hammering the tabs back down. Time to go for a drive ...

First of all I noticed that the oil pressure reading on the Digidash2 was 'NC'. I've obviously disturbed a wire somewhere. I should have gone straight back home at this point but the sun was out for the first time in ages, so I kept going. I then noticed that the gear shifts were difficult and even going up through the gears was hard work. Should have taken the hint and turned around but, I still kept on going. The gear changes got more and more difficult and eventually the linkage started to feel all wrong, with far too much movement. Then it snapped altogether, at exactly the same point as before. Stuck in 1st gear 9 miles from home .

I carry a few tools, nuts and bolts around with me but, I had nothing to fix this. Nothing for it but to drive home in first. Switched on the fan override to keep the engine cool and limited myself to 6000rpm (approximately 30mph), coasting down the hills. Took as many minor roads as I could and got home OK. A few other things I noticed were that the car is pretty much rattle and squeak free. This is not a car for real country lanes (ones with grass growing down the middle). I ploughed a few grassy knolls along the way with the engine sump and radiator mounts.

My hand has been forced and a cable gearshift link is now over due but, I fixed the gear shift temporarily with a new steel bracket.

27th August

More sunshine. Spent some time investigating the oil pressure sensor. Nothing obvious with the wiring at the engine end. It still weeps slightly though. I'm going to have to look behind the dash and resistance test the sensor. Went out for a drive. Lots of fun . Got stuck in a traffic jam but the fan override switch kept the water and oil temperatures below 90°C.

28th August

Finally got my in-car video stuff all wired in and running, only to find out that the vibrations have killed my bullet camera .

29th August

Spent some time looking at the wiring to resolve the oil pressure sensor reading 'NC' on the Digidash2. Took of the dash and found Nothing obvious in the wiring so I guess I will have to start testing the sensor.

Mounted my in-car video microphone and other bits into the car. Safety checked over the whole steering mechanism from the wheel to ball joints and found nothing of concern.

31st August

It's funny how a quick blast in a good car can turn a crap day into quite a good one. The car feels really solid now and all I can hear is the engine and exhaust.

Tested the oil pressure sensor (which is very sensitive to vibration so it is mounted on a flexi-hose and attached to the bulkhead) with a multimeter, measuring the resistance across the 'G' terminal and ground. It should show a resistance of 10 ohms at rest and as the pressure goes up the resistance should increase up to 180 ohms. If it has failed the meter will see an open circuit. It has failed . This is how the thing is currently mounted. I'm going to have to find a better way to mount it and protect it from vibration.


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