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Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - January 2008

6th January

Checked over the car this morning and even gave it a bit of a clean. Tyres pressures were down by 1psi so it must be colder than the last time I went out.

Went out for my first drive of the year, up towards Orford. The roads were treacherous. The main roads were OK but, there were damp patches at the edges of the road and under every bit of shade. I even came across a tree lying across the road in the middle of Tunstall Forest!

Despite the low ambient temperature (6°C), I managed to get a bit of temperature into the tyres and had a little more grip to play with than last month but, this wasn't a very enjoyable drive really. I didn't use full throttle once . The low sun is no fun either. Ordinarily I would have stayed at home but, this was my first outing of the year and I wanted to get out and check the modifications to my in-car video were working. I also just love being on the Quay at Orford.

Having improved the bullet camera mounting, the captured in-car video is now much smoother and clearer. The audio is pretty much spot on too. Nothing worth putting up on this site though.


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