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Last page update was 27 Apr 2008

Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - March 2008

1st March

Took off the side-pod over the exhaust to see how things were looking and to do a few odd jobs today. It was a bit dirty in there so I washed it all down.

Took off the side pod to replace the old exhaust mount, which has cracked.

Fabricated a new mount from steel and painted it. Even this one might need some bracing but I'll make another spare one and get a brace welded to that just in case. This seems strong enough for now and I'd rather be driving than waiting for a welding job to get done.

I also stuck some heat reflective mat to the passenger front panels as these seem to get very hot from the exhaust heat radiated onto them.

I'm also going to cover the battery as it has signs of getting warm.

My elder brother has got his Striker running again, with a new Crossflow engine and it should be MOT'd and legally on the road later this month.

2nd March

Painted a few chips on the chassis, stuck some heat reflective mat on the exposed side of the battery, put the side pod back on and went out for a quick drive.

3rd March

These are my nsurance renewal quotes, based upon me as the only driver, 3000 miles limited policy, car is garaged, clean license and accident history, £200 excess, 1 years NCD (it's a third car) and I'm 41

Adrian Flux , Tel. 08700 777888
Renewal was £297.77 but, they guarantee to beat any other quote and came back with 230 in the end.
Backford Bloor & Co. , Tel. 0151 356 8776
Result! £167.08
Caithness & Co. , Tel. 020 8549 8011
Heavy loading for bike-engined cars, hence best quote of £342.
Footman James , Tel. 0845 458 4356
Best they could do was £294 but, that includes European cover for 35 days, UK breakdown cover and a 100 excess
Graham Sykes , Tel. 0845 1300 231
They are quite specific on their on-line quote system about model and engine but don't list Yamaha R1 engine so had to phone them. They can't get below £300.
Performance Direct , Tel. 0870 420 3896
Broker that referred me to Adrian Flux and Footman James. Waste of time.
Sureterm , Tel. 0800 999 2030
Quoted £242 over the phone.

8th March

Bought a Maplin Temperature Module . This is a -40°C to 50°C temperature display with a sensor on the end of a 3m lead.

The plan is to measure how warm the air is under the bonnet and specifically the air going into the air filter. This way I can be sure that any ducting or airbox I add will be helping to get cooler air into the engine and thus helping to increase power. More power is good

Pretty much all of the air going through the front grille passes through the radiator first. I've added vents in the sides of the bonnet to improve airflow through the engine bay but I want to know if it is worth adding an airbox and ducting.

18th March

It feels like it's been raining for ever. The odd break in the rain never managed to coincide with an opportunity to drive the Fury ... until today!

30th March

I missed an event up the Lotus factory at Hethel as I was on holiday

The cost of my tax disc went up in the budget from £115 to £120. Having a 998cc engine has some advantages.

First sunny day in ages. A rather large motorbike reminded me that I'm not the quickest thing on the road. Filled up with fuel and a quick check shows I averaged nearly 26mpg over the last 120 odd miles. This is a new record and I really must try harder.


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