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Last page update was 01 May 2008

Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - April 2008

2nd April

Drove in to work without a helmet today (with some eye protection). I'd forgotten how different the car sounds without a helmet on. Out at lunchtime up through Snape.

9th April

Drove in to work and brief drive at lunchtime.

10th April

The plan was to go into Norfolk this lunchtime but as I rolled the car out of the garage the rain arrived . Decided to fit the temperature module to monitor air inlet temperature instead. I'm almost tempted to fit it permanently to the dash but for the extra weight!

19th April

Very overcast but drove out to test out the temperature sensor on the air filter. It read 9.3°C when I started the engine and started rising almost immediately but whilst moving, the highest reading I saw on the module was only 14.7°C. This is really good as it means plenty of cold air is getting into the engine bay and it isn't all going through the radiator either. It means I don't need to worry too much about an airbox and ducting. At junctions it would rise to low 30's and when I parked up on the drive it quickly went up to about 50°C, with the heat soak from the engine. As I understand it, if you can cool the air going into the engine by 60°C, you will gain about 10% more power, so a temperature rise of about 5³C is not going to have a significant impact on the performance of the engine.

This afternoon, I set out to hunt down an elusive squeak coming from the rear passenger area. It turned out to be the handbrake cable rubbing on the chassis. Whilst the wheel was off, I checked over the suspension and then carried on right round the car. I could put an 1/8th of a turn into a few nuts but everything seems tight.

Moving on from the suspension and brakes, I looked at the transmission. The propshaft bolts on the engine adaptor were worryingly loose again. I'm going to replace them all soon and use some more serious thread-locking compound. I really need to get the car up on some ramps to do this though.

20th April

A rather wet and cloudy start to the day but it dried up to be very warm and sunny. So after a long, off-road cycle ride with the children, I went out for a rather excellent drive up through Rendlesham, Tunstall, Orford (the quay was shut and is being rebuilt), Snape, Woodbridge, Bucklesham and rather reluctantly came back home. I'm finding myself dropping down two, sometimes three gears now to get into the power band for overtake manouvres and the odd corner now. Time for a track day I think.

Jumping into my Rover an hour later, I was shocked at the contrast and serenity. The Fury really is an assault on ALL of your senses.

23rd April

Ordered a Tillett driver's seat from MSAR Safety , with runners and backframe for floor mounting.

26th April

Hottest day of the year so far and I got sunburnt whilst out in the car.

29th April

Picked up a couple of oil filters from Orwell Motorcycles  as I plan to change the filter when I change the oil. The location of the oil filter is going to mean undoing some of the engine mounts and raising that side of the engine an inch or two though.

30th April

My Tillett driver's seat arrived from MSAR Safety  today. The quality of the seat looks extremely high. First thing I did was make sure that I fit in it and it really is a perfect fit for me. I would not have got away with a seat any smaller than this one and it fits as if I was used for the mould.


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