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Last page update was 26 Oct 2008

Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - October 2008

4th October

It was raining lightly today but I was desperate to go driving so I went out anyway. Fortunately, it dried up.

5th October

Just as well I took the opportunity yesterday. It's been raining non-stop since.

11th October

Spent the morning laying up fibreglass in my new airbox mould.

Picked up my modified R1 exhaust yesterday and fitted it to the car. Initial thoughts are that it is way quieter and with the bonnet up all you can really hear is the induction bark. When the guy did the work for me, I wasn't sure how long it needed to be. The tail pipe has since been cut down to extend outside the bodywork by only 50mm. If anything the tail pipe would have been better off about 20mm further back but it still fits through the existing hole in the sidepod.

Whilst I had the sidepod off, I also trial fitted my mounting bracket / exhaust vent. Didn't bother trying to fit it properly as the weather was too good to fiddle and I really needed to drive the car.

This new exhaust isn't that quiet. Once you get up to decent revs it seems as loud as the other one but, I can also hear all the other noises now, so that probably isn't strictly true. The sound levels on my in-car video also look lower too on the Quicktime graphic equaliser. When just idling on the drive it is not a lot noisier than my other cars.

Would it pass a noise test? I'm not so sure at three-quarters maximum revs but the airbox should help and then I'll do some proper noise testing.

12th October

Another good drive this afternoon in the autumn sunshine, the low sun is a bit awkward though. I saw him a bit late but, a policeman was pointing his new toy at me in one of the 40mph limits on the Woodbridge bypass. I'm pretty confident that I was below the speed limit though. Time will tell.

Broke my newly set airbox (well a large part of it) out of its mould. Need to add a top to it now.

16th October

Popped home at lunchtime to repack my exhaust and whip the R1 can off, for Daz  to try at a trackday this weekend. Hopefully it will allow his Striker R1 to pass the noise limits.

17th October

More work on my airbox. Picture to come soon!

19th October

Daz had to rely on my R1 can this weekend at Woodbridge airfield. His repacked exhaust passed the noise test at 99bB but it went the same way as mine, with the Basalt compressing and the exhaust getting louder. He swapped over to my R1 can in the lunch break and it was a lot quieter and should have no problem getting through a noise test in the future. His day was cut short when he caught his sump on a runway light .

25th October

Cold day today and the tyres had dropped 1psi all round. But the sunshine was out, so I had to go out for a drive. I've got the 'race' exhaust in and I prefer its sound over the R1 exhaust but, it is louder.

At one point I pulled over into a layby to adjust the pasenger side mirror. A car I had passed going in the other direction, saw me pull into the layby and proceeded to turn around and pull up behind me as I was belting back up. Turns out, he only wanted to know what sort of car it was and had some questions . I told him to put 'Fisher Fury R1' into Google and I'd be the first result! (second if you just put in 'Fisher Fury').


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