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Last page update was 29 Nov 2008

Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - November 2008

11th November

It's been ages since the weather has allowed me to get out in the car. Had a nice drive this lunchtime but, it was quite cold.

15th November

Finally some dry weather and sunshine for a decent drive.

16th November

Picked some R1 instrument clocks on eBay for a very good price. I want to wire in a test harness for these so that I can see if there are any error codes being thrown up by the ECU. So far, I'm having to assume all is well with it.

18th November

Spent the day at the Renault F1 teams headquarters in the UK as part of my day job. The resources and money these guys spend in persuit a quicker lap times is simply amazing. Their carbon-fibre fabrication building was simply awesome with autoclaves (ovens) that you could fit a large van in. The have a wind tunnel that fills a small sports hall and another building filled with computing power to computer model aitflows over the car. I really shouldn't been quite as excited as I was to hold a carbon-fibre suspension wishbone but the engineering and quality was breathtaking. Last years steering wheel cost more than all my cars added together.

I also hadn't appreciated just how big an F1 car is. My Fury is lighter than an F1 car by some margin, because having spend millions getting all the parts as light as possible, they then have to add ballast weights, to get it up to the required minimum racing weight. The plus point with this appraoch being that they choose where this weight goes.

29th November

Finally! Some dry roads. Went out briefly in the car but it was flipping cold and not much fun.


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