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Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - June 2009

2nd June

This is some sample footage taken using my son's Canon FS100 digital camcorder. It's not hi-def but it uses an 8Gb SD-card to store video at 960 x 540 pixels. It's mounted on a roll hoop.

6th June

Finally finished and fitted my airbox. I still have to fit the cold air feed pipe but this is what I've constructed from fibreglass. It's not particularly pretty but it does the job and fits under the bonnet without requiring any holes in it.

Having tesed it on the drive I was quite surprised at how much it reduced the engine noise.

This was the reason my exhaust was so noisy. I repacked it again for the fifth time. I'm going to use soemthing else other than basalt next time as I used it all up and it simply doesn't stay in place.

It was a bit of a shock when I went out for a test drive. The above two mods have made a huge difference and crusing along the car is not much noisier than my old Lotus Elise. Obviously, when you put you foot down it still makes quite a bit of noise but, it's a significant improvement.

7th June

I replaced all for AO48's at 2800 miles, which I thought was not bad going considering the grief they got on both road and track. After only 1700 miles of solely road use, they are looking close to their end of life. Must have been having more fun . At this rate its going to cost me more than 20 pence per mile just in tyres. Is it worth it? You had better believe it!

12th June

Been raining since my last drive. The sun is out today though so drove into work. The car is a lot quieter, especially at lower speeds. At tickover, it's not any noticably louder than my other cars now


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