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Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - July 2009

12th July

A fellow BEC owner sent me their map from a 2002/2003 R1 rolling road session last week, so I thought I'd try it on my car as the set up is remarkably similar. I made the mistake of resetting the throttle position sensor without recording the old values . For the record, 0% is 5250 and 100% is 24000. If you lose these values it's a bit of a faff to get them back as the ECU cuts out about 5s after ignition is switched on, until you then start the engine. You can't record 100% throttle opening with the engine running without making a LOT of noise.

The map has made the engine much smoother and more responsive at the lower end. I've been running a zero map up till now. Testing will tell howmuch of an improvement it is.

16th July

Finally got to test the new ECU map in anger. One of the first things I noticed is that it makes the engine run cooler. Throttle response is smoother and it just pulls better from lower revs. There is a lot less popping on over run too. It is a lot easier to modulate the throttle. With the 100% throttle position now more accurately mapped in the Power Commander, you can really feel that last bit of the throttle travel making a difference. It's not the kind of car where you can really use full throttle on the road very often though. I need to do some in-gear timings with my but, my gut feel is that the car is going to be measurably quicker.

Also planning to get the car weighed this weekend. A friend with a Caterham 7 is getting his car corner weighted and I can pop my car on his scales at the same time.

19th July

A friend was having his Caterham corner weighted this weekend so I went along to put my Fury R1 on the professional scales and get an accurate weight measurement. With just over half a tank of fuel and no driver it came in at 450.5Kg and had a 42:58 front/rear balance. This print out shows the weight distribution with me in the car, wearing my rather heavy wet weather gear. Honest!

I'm not sure what the ideal set up is for a mainly road car but the current corner weights are very close to the 'optimum' settings, where FR/RR = FL/RL.

Hit a massive thunder storm on the way back. Got drenched with water coming in everywhere. Pools of water in front of the seats. I actually quite enjoyed it for some reason but my son was less than impressed.


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