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Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - August 2009

12th August

Had some fantastic weather this month, so I've been getting quite a few miles in. They have slap and sprinkled my favourite local road . Now a 20mph zone and even then gravel has gone everywhere with black tar marks all over the car. The new ECU map is making a huge improvement and the car doesn't pop on over-run very often now. It's definately running cooler too.

13th August

Popped up to AB Performance  to see Andy Bates. Needed some more oil but also asked him about upgrading to a Limited Slip Differential (LSD). This is going to involve a new differential and drive shafts and the push-in shaft go too far into the differential to allow fitment of the viscous coupling. When the good weather is over, I will also get the Fury up to him to get the geometry and corner weighting done properly.

Andy also showed me his new car, that he has developed from scratch. It will be road legal but is purely aimed at racing. It looks fantastic.

15th August

Great drive up into Norfolk made better by the two sports bikes that accompanied me for 15 miles .

15th August

Another fun drive and one surprised Porsche 911 driver. An expensive car which looks scary to drive around roundabouts!


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