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Last page update was 20 Mar 2011

Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - January 2011

1st January

My New Year resolution is to do more track days.

6th January

BGH Geartech have sold the Fury to a new company Fury Sports Cars which is being run by Steve Hughes. Steve has previously worked on the Fury with Mark Fisher & at BGH with Brian & Chris.

Fury Sports Cars
Unit 8
Verralls Business Centre,
Maidstone Road
Kent. TN17 2A
Tel 01580 713777

BGH return to their previous location:

BGH Geartech Ltd
Red Roofs
New Road
TN17 3LE
Tel: 01580 714114

9th January

My first opportunity to try my Contour HD  video camera in the Fury. It needs to be mounted higher up.

Flipping cold today and <4ºC. This video clip shows how little grip you get from cold A048's. This was just leaving my road with very few revs (for a bike engine):

11th January

After this weekend's lack of grip in the cold, I ordered some new Yokohama A048R tyres from Polley Motorsport . £340.68 for a set of four 185/65R13 delivered in medium compound. The current tyres are above the tread wear indicators but the grip degrades by quite a bit when they ge towards their end of life.

My last set of tyres were fitted in September 2008 (at 2800 miles), so these have lasted a lot longer than before. Currently have just under 7000 miles on the clock, so this last set have lasted me over 4000 miles. Having said that, I've re-read my diary and noticed that I was thinking of replacing them way back in June 2009. I just never got round to it

12th January

My Yokohama A048R tyres arrived today. All I need to do now is find someone that can fit them properly .


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