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Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - March 2011

17th March

My insurance renewal came through and is a very reasonable £172 for the coming year.

19th March

Got two of my new tyres fitted to the rear of the car today, ready for the MOT. The fronts are less worn than I first thought and should be good for a few more miles yet. Have put the other two away for later. Stored with my winter wheels and tyres off my family car.

Some properly dry and sunny weather this weekend :-) Did a few other jobs in preparation for the MOT next week. Replaced/restuck some of the heat proof may in the exhaust sidepod as this was coming detached.

Surprisingly, I had to replace a few rivets in the floor as the heads had snapped off. Drilled them out and used lots of Waxoyl to stop the bits inside the chassis rail moving around.

22th March

Re-packed and fitted my other exhaust for the MOT. Up-loaded an ECU map onto the Power Commander. Looks like I'm going to have to fit the new front tyres afterall. Some slightly uneven wear on the front left tyre, means it won't pass the MOT. Going to re-check the geometry this weekend.

25th March

Passed the MOT without too many issues. The lambda figure is always the problematic one on the R1 engine. It takes ages for the catalyst to get up to temperature but once it did, the lambda figure was well within the allowed range.

26th March

Spent much of the day working on the car. Got round to checking the camber and made some minor adjustments. I could simply not find a level piece of drive to do this, so I ended up putting thin sheets of wood under the wheels to get them level to start with and used a spirit level across the top of the tyres to check I'd done this. I could then measure the camber and adjust it.

Despite very minor changes to the camber on one side, the steering feels a lot lighter.

Also spend time checking other bits on the car. Checked the level and clarity of the oil in the differential. It needed another 5mm but is very clean still. The differential filler bolt has a strong magnet within it, to collect any metal parts in the oil and this was very clean.

Built a mount for my Contour HD 1080p video camera and fixed it to the roll bar.


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