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Last page update was 29 May 2012

Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - May 2012

16th May

Been out in the car at every opportunity but we've had lods of rain recently :-( Looking at the front tyres, my tweaks to the setup seem to have caused the front left to wear slightly more unevenly than before. Generally, tyre wear on the Fury is very even front and rear and also very even across the tyre width. All four tyres are getting close to the tread wear indicators and I've only done 1500 miles on the road! This is a new personal best! :-) That works out and over 29p per mile in tyres!

27th May

After nearly five years of great handling, I thought I'd tweak the camber to see if it made much difference to the handling a few months ago. It does but, not for the better! The Fury feels a lot less connected to the road. The camber changes have made the front tyres wear noticably quicker than the rears. My previous wear had been very even front / rear and left / right, with very even tyre wear across all the tyres.

Front right tyre wear The front right is fairy even wear though.
Front right tyre wear The front left is wearing slightly more on the inside edge.

Plan to undo the changes I did as soon as I can. Also ordered a set of new A048's.

29th May

New Yokohama A048s My new tyres arrived today. Weighed them at 7.55Kg each.


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