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Last page update was 02 Jul 2012

Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - June 2012

3rd June

Fitted some new A048Rs to the front of the car.

Then spent the morning adjusting the camber and checking the toe-in. Toe-in adjustment is limited if you just use the steering rod ends to adjust it. Each rotation is makes quite a big change to the front wheel alignment, typically about 12mm across both wheels, by my testing and measurements. To get greater granularity you would need to make adjustments on the suspension arms.

Have also been experimenting with the Nitron damper settings. Now running 3 clicks on the front and 5 on the back and this feels just about perfect for my local B-roads. Just one more click on the front makes a big difference and feels too bouncy and harsh to me. I'm going to experiment further on the back though.

Went out for a drive to test the new settings and the car is feeling better than ever. Feedback through the wheel is great and the handling is just brilliant, with huge grip levels. It is really hard to get out of the car at the moment, I'm enjoying it so much.

17rd June

when I fitted the bodywork, I used some very thin pieces of GRP to fill the gaps inside the tub. Some of these have cracked and come detached in places, so I spent a few hours removing the loose bits and re-applying GRP layers to fix and strengthen the bodywork and ensure it is all water tight.

Chip in bodywork Had a look at fixing a chip in the bodywork. This was caused by a stone from the front right wheel hitting the inside of the arch.

I've filled the hole with resin as best I could and then to fill on top with some 'Old English White' paint (paint code is NNX). I'll then rub level with very fine grade wet and dry and polish. I'm not looking for an invisible repair but something to fill this obvious hole.

26th June

Spent a fair bit of time this week re-designing my paddle shift. The plan is to test the new design on my Fury R1, with a plan to use it on my next car . The design is detailed here .

30th June

Steering wheel buttons I've added these two buttons to the steering wheel on my Fury. The right (yellow) one operates the horn. The left (orange) one operates my radio comms system (back to pit lane or for use in convoy). Ideally, I'd have liked them closer to my thumbs but, they are reachable and this steering wheel didn't allow much scope for this.

Once I've tested these out, along with my new indicator design , the plan is to replace the dash with a carbon fibre one.


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