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Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - July 2013

1st July

Being incredibly patient! Just want to go out and drive but, still doing a few small jobs before I do. The main one is to sort out the bracket for the cable shift at the engine end. Looking at it again, it could be at a slightly better angle, ensuring the movement is more in line.

An initial test on the drive shows I have another issue. Whilst the oil temperature rises as the engine idles, it seems to rise more quickly than normal and the water temperature is barely rising at all. Classic signs of an air lock in the coolant system.

1st July

I have also been working on an interesting project to build a 1080p 30fps dashcam  recording device this month. The plan is to integrate this into the Fury very soon.

4th July

Managed to get the last of the air out of the coolant system. The reason the oil and water temperatures were behaving strangely is because I'd swapped the wires between oil temp sensor and water temp sensor :-( My wonderful colour coded wiring system only works if you are paying attention.

All jobs and checks done. Now we can go for a drive! :-)

7th July

Out for the first proper test drive today in a barmy 29°C. This was the cause of some higher oil temperatures, with the oil temp hitting 100°C briefly, which triggered the 'OTA' (oil temperature alarm) message on the Digidash2. I'm totally paranoid at the moment though.

Out for a second run later this evening and it was down to 23°C. The car pulls much better in this cooler air. Pushing as hard as could again and the highest oil temperature seen was 94°C. The standard R1 radiator struggles a bit on hot days.


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