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Last page update was 31 May 2016

May 2016

1st May

I went with my son in the Fury R1 to have a look at the 46th Ipswich to Felixstowe Vehicle Road Run . The plan was to follow the procession along the route but they must have set off later than advertised. There were no sign of any cars when we got to Christchurch Park, so we set off on the route, hoping to catch them up.

As we got to the edge of town, we realised we were leading the procession, as we got stuck in traffic and an old fire engine caught us up. There were many people taking photos of the Fury and waving :-) At the old Trimley road we cut back onto the A14 and went on to Felixstowe via this route. At the sea front we did a U-turn and drove back the way we had come to have a look at all the cars going in the opposite direction. Really enjoyed it!

On the way back home the Fury started mis-firing and we had to pull over. There seems to be an electrical issue and I think it was down to the fact that I'd had the headlights on all morning. As soon as I switched off the lights, the car would start and run fine. Further testing on my drive showed that turnign the headlights on caused the fuel pump to struggle. Either the alternator is packing up or the battery is on it's way out. The last battery failed at 4½ years (September 2011) and so this one is older. I'm going to replace the battery as a precautionary measure and see what happens.

4th May

Ordered a new Yuasa YTX12-BS 10Ah battery from MDS Battery .

Maxima 15W50 Oil Also popped up to see andy Bates at AB Performance  to pick up some more oil. The weather is finally improving and it was a beautiful day for a drive.

6th May

Yuasa YTX12-BS 10Ah battery My new battery turned up today. Great service from MDS Battery again.

8th May

The new battery hasn't fixed the rough running once hot and the engine is under load. The car runs much better at idle though and doesn't have a tendency to stall. Once I try to pull away though it feels like it is misfiring.

I'm now going to connect the R1 instrument cluster to see if there are any error codes reported by the ECU. I'm suspecting some dirty contacts somewhere and the throttle position sensor is first on my list for further investigation.

14th May

Got the R1 instruments installed and running. Once I plugged in the EXUP valve servo motor (which I knew generated an ECU error code 17), there were no further errors codes. I decided to check and clean all of the electrical connectors on the engine loom.

15th May

I don't know which connector was causing the problem but the Fury is running beautifully again. I did two long runs today and everything is back to normal.

22nd May

Fisher Fury R1 Lovely drive in the early morning up towards Orford. Parked up on the empty Quay.
Fisher Fury R1 Beautiful still water. The silence only broken by my Fury :-)
Fisher Fury R1 It was too much to resist a quick stop at the Castle. The empty car park makes for a great photo.


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