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Fisher Fury Build Progress - September 2004

5th September

Spent the day at Bruntingthorpe with my brother Pete, driving his Striker around the circuit. More detail on my Elise site .

7th September

Been looking around for a decent R1 engine at a decent price for a while now. Stuart Taylor had one and a few people on the BEC list were offering them too. I also bid for one on E-bay but this is a little risky in my view. If you are lucky you can get a bargain though. Prices seem to be rising, which is why I was keen to sort out a 2003 fuel-injected engine ASAP. In the end I submitted a few requests via Internet breaker search sites and a fairly local bike dealer called me up and offered me a nice engine with 2800 miles on it. I managed to haggle them down 300 for cash payment. Pick it up on Friday.

9th September

Picked up my R1 engine this lunchtime and made sure all the things on my check list were present. It's a 2800 mile 2003 engine from a write-off R1. The engine looks very clean and as new, apart from some scuffing the the alternator case, where it must have slid along the road. Also got a huge box of bits including the airbox, fuel injection rail, etc. Slightly scary, as I now have an expensive piece metal and little idea on how to make it move. It is an awkward shape to lift but I can lift the engine fairly easily. Will have to stick it on the scales later.

The front of the engine as it would be in the car. This is the left of the engine in the bike.

The right of the engine as it would be in the car. This is the back of the engine in the bike.

The back of the engine as it would be in the car. This is the right of the engine in the bike.

The left of the engine as it would be in the car. This is the front of the engine as it would be in a bike. The hoses are still attached and match the inlets/outlets on my radiator so at least the cooling system is fairly easy to work out.

11th September

Pete picked up a Sierra steering column for me from a breakers. Ford Spares could seem to get hold of one, so I started looking elsewhere. Only need the half-shafts and rear hubs now.

Maplin delivered all the bits for my communications system, as if I haven't got enough to do. I'm kind of glad the chassis doesn't arrive for a while as it is giving me plenty of time to work out how to connect up the engine and prepare it (sump baffle, uprated clutch, etc.).

12th September

Downloaded the R1 service manual and owners manual . The cooling system makes sense to me now. My objective for this month is to understand the engine, harness and wiring and to make sure that I have all the sensors and other bits to get it going.

13th September

Ordered some engine oil (PDF brochure), diff oil (PDF brochure) and some Water Wetter (PDF brochure) from Delta Oil Ltd (Gavin Scott, Tel. 01572 768311).

26th September

Spent the weekend tidying up the garage (again) so that I can stick the engine up on a workbench and have a proper look at the wiring around it and identitfy all the bits. Managed to make a decent start. First job was to tape up the air intakes so that no rubbish gets in. Also removed the clutch cable as it was getting in the way. Started removing unwanted bits from the engine and sticking them into plastic bags with zip locks (Lakeland sell them in packs of 100), remembering to label them. Having identified the various sensors and connectors on the loom, I'm using red PVC insulation tape to mark them up, as per the service manual wiring diagram and numbering system. I've got an A3 colour print of the wiring diagram stuck to the garage wall and I'm high-lighting the loom and sensors on it, as I discover them on the diagram and engine. This will take some time but I'm a bit more confident that I haven't bought an expensive paperweight :-) My objective for next month is to fully understand the complete wiring loom and the fuel-injection system. After that I need to look at getting an All Bikes sump baffle installed.

I've also managed to design and draw up the rest of the car electrics bar the indicator circuit. I'm waiting for a few parts to arrive from Vehicle Wiring Products , complete with wiring diagrams to allow me to complete this.

30th September

My steering wheel switches arrived today, along with some heatshrink and some 12V LEDs (for dash and rear number plate light). The quality of the switches is impressive.

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