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Fisher Fury Build Progress - July 2005

7th July

Visited the The Kit Car Workshop  to place my Fury order today and place my £1000 deposit. The time from order to collection will be about 9 to 10 weeks. 50% of the balance is due 4 weeks prior to scheduled completion/collection date and the balance on or before collection/delivery. Very interesting talking through the options and resolving the many questions I had with Martin Bell.

Popped into my nearest breakers this afternoon to pick up an Escort mk II steering rack and the missing Sierra column extension. My plan is to refurbish the rack myself and to add a new 2.2 turn lock-to-lock rack and pinion. Looking through the Haynes manual this does not seem to be a trvial process and probably requires a few service items in addition to the quick rack kit from Burton Power . The column extension will be exchanged by Martin for a modified one.

8th July

It has now hit home that the pressure is on. Up till now, I've been working without real time pressures and hard deadlines but, now I have to get all the bits together to enable me to start work, following chassis collection. I plan to take a few days off work to get to the rolling chassis stage and hopefully beyond. Martin shocked me when he said it might take three days to panel the chassis. I'd been working on the basis that I could do it in one!

My goal is to get the engine started before December and the car running without bodywork soon after, so I have a huge amount to do. I want it SVA'd and on the road before end of May 2006.

9th July

Had a quick look over my steering rack. Cleaned up the mounts, which have been added to the pile of things to be powder coated. Ordered lots of stuff from Vehicle Wiring Products . How much wire do you need to wire up a kitcar? About £35 worth by my calculations (plus the bike loom).

11th July

Ordered some Sierra rear brake discs from Eastern Auto Spares. I've reached some sort of a milestone today. If this project was purely about spending money, then today I passed the half way mark. Unfortunately it is not just about spending money, though I've been doing a lot of that recently.

13th July

My stuff arrived from this morning. Picked up my rear brake discs and also bought some Kunifer 5/16" fuel pipe.

For anyone thinking of building a kit car, let me tell you that it is quite a project to take on. So far it has been largely a project management exercise, trying to get 170+ seperate items delivered from 20+ suppliers. But you are also the architect and designer, as well as the work force and labourer. I'm sure that if I had two or more years to build this car, it would be a lot easier but, I've set myself the goal of building it in the next eight months. I seem to spend every spare minute thinking about what I need to do and buy next.

Found some time this afternoon to look at the dash wiring. I also experimented with the idea of stainless steel bolts to hold the rear number plate on but, with LED's inside them to light up the plate. Something a bit like this  but cheaper and with a yellow 12V LED at 90° to the bolt. There are some more examples here  but, I want mine to usefully light up the number plate.

14th July

In looking for a company to supply some higher quality, matching dash switches, I came across one with a sample request form. On submitting my query, they phoned me up and when I explained my application, they promised to deliver all the switches I need for my dash as free samples. About £30 worth in all. Result!

16th July

Spent some time in local auto stores searching for some odd bits still required, such as the silencer and fuel pump rubber bobbins. Found some Hammerite smooth to match my chassis powder coat colour and also bought a rivnut tool and rivnuts, waxoyl and some panel adhesive.

17th July

More work on my paddle shift mechanism. Also pulling a spreadsheet together for the nuts and bolts I'm going to need to order.

22nd July

Ordered my Nitron springs/dampers today. This was much more complicated than I thought as Guy at Nitron needed a lot more information about the suspension geometry than I expected. Martin at The Kit Car Workshop  was very helpful though and provided all of the required information. Also ordered my wheels and tyres, and my battery and battery charger from MDS Battery .

My brother Pete is at a Bruntingthorpe trackday this weekend. I would have liked to go but my focus is on getting my own car together for now. He's looking at trading his Striker  in for a Sylva R1ot  kit.

24th July

Final finishing off of my paddle shift lever mechanism. Lots of thread cutting :-( Also cut out the hole in the middle and polished it up, ready for powder coating.

25th July

Filled my new battery with acid and put it on charge using my new Optimate III charger. This will be used over the winters to keep the battery in good condition. It can safely stay connected to the battery for long periods of time.

29th July

My Nitron springs and dampers arrived today. These are an engineering and automotive work of art. The front units weigh in at 1565g and the rears at 1635g.

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