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Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - June 2007

3rd June

Borrowed some ramps so that I could have a better look under the car and get better access to a few things. Did a thorough check over from the underside. The front propshaft bolts had worked loose slightly again so I really torqued them up this time, something I struggled to do from above. Cleaned up a underneath and greased a few bits showing signs of salt corrosion. No signs of and leaks but I'm losing coolant ever so slightly, maybe 10mm from the header tank each week.

Went out for a long drive up to Otley and beyond, through many villages and back round through Westerfield towards home. This car is bonkers! I love it . The only limiting factor to going faster is me. Rarely can you use full throttle on B-roads and only then for short periods. The ability to pass other cars is awesome and the small size of the Fury makes overtaking (not quite motorbike) easy. I wish I had turned the video on now. Next time.

About 390 miles on the odometer now. I need to get more miles in if I'm going to use up my 3000 miles annual insurance allowance and realistically this means before the end of September and the winter weather.

I've still got an issue changing from 1st gear to 2nd gear at speed. The R1 goes through neutral to do this but I nearly always find neutral and get stuck there. This gear change is no problem at lower revs. It's really annoying because once in neutral you can only get another gear once the car and engine have slowed down. Not good when you have just pulled out to overtake a line of three cars . I'm currently having to select second before any overtaking. Maybe it is time to extend the gear arm on the engine and to engineer a more solid and direct linkage to the paddle shift.

12rd June

Finally found out where fuel is still managing to leak out. My fuel vent is supposed to stop fuel getting out and to let air in. It leaks fuel though and I guess when the tank is under pressure (there always seems to be a positive pressure in the tank), it pushes any fuel that out that has been shaken up and left to sit in the pipe before it goes straight up. I need to replace this.

Washed the car for the first time today. Trust me, this is a notable achievement and you won't be hearing those words again for quite some while. Removed the fuel vent and blocked the pipe with a bolt.

Went out for a night time drive having failed miserably last month. Coming back to the Fury after an enforced break, you notice how noisy and raw the experience is. If it was an everyday drive, I don't think you could live it. In small, regular doses, it is just what I need though. The 'hit' lasts for days .

I don't know what was flying around but after 30 minutes driving, I could not see through the visor at all. I guess I need that aeroscreen more than I realised. The lights are OK but nothing special. I'd add some driving lights (come on with high beam) if I was dong regular night drives but it isn't worth the effort right now. Being so low down it looks like everyone behind you is driving on high beam. I thought I'd try the flip switch on my Audi TT rear-view mirror and despite being mounted upside down it works as it should do and provides a view with much less glare.

When I got out, I immediately noticed the lack of petrol vapour in the air. Not a whiff. There was also a positive air pressure in the tank so maybe the fuel tank vent is not really required after all. I'm going to fit another one though, in case it does come into operation on track days. Talking of which, I was supposed to be at Woodbridge airfield this weekend but the weather forecast is heavy rain and I really don't think the car is ready for that kind of sustained abuse yet. After the panic and rush of the build, I really am much more relaxed about the car now and I'd rather wait and be sure it is ready.

16th June

Cut out my aeroscreen using the template as a guide.

28th June

Found a break in the rain to get under the car once more and try and remove some of the vibrations on the exhaust. The lower nut on the rubber bobbin had vibrated off. The new tail pipe was fine but the R1 tail pipe it was clamped to had started to vibrate loose. Took it out for a test drive and it is quieter.

One thing I noticed is that the front brake bias is too far in favour of the front brakes. They lock up way before the rear brakes are really doing much.

30th June

In an effort to sort out the brake bias, I removed the locking nuts and fitted a lock wire instead. It runs through one of the holes in the brake pedal and the ends are clamped together. This makes it much quicker and easier to fiddle with the bias bar. I was thinking of fitting a bias adjustment knob but the cost and complex routing isn't justified given that once it is set up, it will probably be left alone. This approach is very light too.


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