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Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - May 2007

1st May

Cut and painted the aluminium, diamond mesh to go behind the bonnet vent holes.

2nd May

Bonnet Vents

Clamped the vent grilles in place and used dabs of superglue to fix them in place. I then added a some 'no more nails' around and through the edge of the mesh to really hold them in place.

It feels like I've got as much work now to do on the car as I had when it was under construction. On the plus side, I get to drive it in between the jobs and there are no real time pressures. I really need to do some performance measurements on the car now and I plan to do a track or airfield day soon.

Track Day

I notice that Javelin trackdays  have some space this weekend at Woodbridge airfield but it is a bit too soon for me to be ready for a full on session on track. I've arranged to go along for a noise test though, to check my car is OK for their next event at Woodbridge.


One thing I must fix soon is my exhaust tail pipe. I bolted and extension onto the R1 can to take it out through the side pod but, it has worked loose already and is vibrating. I need to get proper welded end pipe made up.

Popped into a place near work that does this kind of work to get an estimate. They also have a rolling road which is handy. Taking it back later in the week for them to have a look at the exhaust.


This is the current view I get of the Digidash2.

And this is the view I'm really after.

3rd May

Ordered some Lexan for my aeroscreen and some 15mm acetal rod for the mounts/spacers. Installed my in-car video for its first test in the car.

4th May

Finally sorted out a proper tail pipe on my R1 exhaust. Melton Tyres & Exhausts have the kit required to bend and stretch pipes out to various diameters. They tried to expand the bodged pipe I had fitted but it split. I've now got a large piece that I have clamped onto the outer ring of the existing tail pipe, using a 60mm clamp.

I've got a borrowed one on the car for now from Daz . I'd forgotten just how loud it was.

5th May

Drove over to Woodbridge Airfield this morning to have a look at the event there and to get a noise test done on my car, in preparation for doing their next event there. I did this with the exhaust I borrowed from Daz  and which was also the one I'd used for the SVA test, as I'd not got round to fitting my R1 exhaust back on. It's way louder than the R1 one so if it passes, my other one should be fine.

Damn good drive around the airfield! Some of my favourite B-roads around these parts, but the variable camber throws the Fury all over the road, when travelling at speed. It's got a mind of its own on roads like this and although it stays connected you have to concentrate hard to keep it on line. The acceleration and ability to overtake never fails to put a grin on my face.

Followed a few interesting cars into the event and arrived in time for the briefing. The whole setup looks very professional and the circuit layout looked interesting. There is even an ARDS instructor on hand for a small fee. £20 for 20 minutes one-on-one tuition in my car looks like a bargain at the start of the day. There were a few other bike engined cars there, including a Fury R1 but, mainly they were mainstream trackday cars from Porsches to MX5's. Had my car noise tested at 6500rpm and it failed miserably at 106dB. At 6300rpm it was 102dB which was a little better. The other exhaust should be fine for the future event.

It hasn't rained here since my car passed the SVA test. With this weekend being a bank holiday weekend, we are forecast three days of heavy rain . I would loved to have gone up to the Kitcar show at Stoneleigh this year but, I've got a family funeral to go too.

Did a quick test of my in-car video. It works really well apart from some whine on the audio channel. Will have to investigate what's going on there.

Removed the dash and rear-view mirror to complete the stripe down the car. Fixed the last part of the centre stripe. Started to look at how to move the Digidash2. Moving it is going to leave a big hole in the dash but I need to see if this move will totally solve the visibility problem.

12th May

My 8' x 4' sheet of 4mm thick Lexan was delivered today. More than enough for an aeroscreen. Anyone want to buy a piece?

14th May

It's been raining non-stop since 5th May . Tonight the clouds blew away for the first time and we were left with a decent sunny evening. Even the roads had dried up. Decided to take the car out with it's new, quieter exhaust for its first night run. That was the plan. Got to the third roundabout and there was no weight behind the paddle shift to get out of first gear . Something had snapped under the bonnet. Luckily it had broken in first gear or I would have been truly stuck.

Drove home slowly and had a look under the bonnet. My 90° aluminium bracket joining the two rod-eye's had snapped where a bolt goes through it. Time to fabricate another one from some thick steel right-angle (plus a spare just in case).

15th May

Fabricated a new 90° bracket from steel. I'm sure there is a simpler and better engineering solution but, I'm also sure it entails fabricating a longer arm to replace the R1 gear lever arm. I don't have the time and inclination to attempt this right now.

17th May

Another check over the car with a focus on the braking system and the suspension components. I found a few bolts could be tightened further including one of the bolts on the rear brake calipers. These had been thread locked so I was surprised to find this.

20th May

More investigation reveals that a lot of the bolts on the rear suspension needed tightening up. More of a worry was that the four bolts holding the propshaft onto the propshaft adapter were quite loose and resulting in some vibrations at around 6500rpm. On the plus side, the front suspension all seems fine so I guess I didn't put enough torque onto the nuts/bolts. Gear changes are getting slightly harder at higher revs. I think the new clutch cable has stretched. The weather is getting better and still stunned by the acceleration of the car .

24th May

The clutch cable had stretched. My first 'moment' today. Approached a roundabout a bit too quickly with cold tyres. The A048's don't have much grip when cold. The front wheels locked and I stopped a little bit over the give way line . No squeeling from the tyres, just no grip. A bit like being on ice.

27th May

Fabricated a bracket to provide a rigid and level mounting surface for the AP22 so I can start to do some performance measurements. It uses the existing bolt holes, holding the top panel plate on.

28th May

Moved the dash by fixing it to a carboin effect plate and fixing this over the existing dash, to check the new positioning works. If it all seems OK after a few weeks, I make up a completely new dash with the Digidash2 in its new location.

31st May

Finally, a break in the weather! Went out to see if the Digidash2 is more usable in its new position. The answer is yes but in normal driving, I still can't really see the shift lights. Not sure what to do now, other than a larger steering wheel.

Managed to get stuck in the traffic jam that is the Suffolk Show. This is the first time that the cooling system has really been under duress. It wasn't that warm (~22°C) but it wasn't long before the temperatures were rising and the fan was kicking it (an LED on the dash indicates operation). The maximum water temperature recorded was 118°C but I don't recall seeing that whilst sitting in traffic. It maxed at about 111°C before the fan cut in. The maximum oil temperature recorded was 104°C but again I don't recall seeing it cross 100°C whilst stuck in traffic. The temperatures obviously peak when on the move again. The water figures sound quite high but the water temperature sensor is on the engine head outlet pipe and not in-line with the radiator.

I've got a spare switch on the dash, which was planned to be used for the in-car comms system but I'm going to now use this to drive the relay for the fan to enable manual control and keep the engine running cooler when required. I'll take a 12V feed to the switch and drive the realy via a diode. I'll also need to put a diode in between the ECU control wire and the fan relay.


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